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Yes! It's is true!
I have decided to get back into the book reviewing business. With being out of training and sitting around at home, I found that I don't really have anything fun to do. Then I realized... yes I do! Book reviewing used to be one of my favorite things to do before joining the army. The Excitement, Thrill, Romance... I loved it all, and reading gave it to me hard! That is why I'm also deciding to change up the look of this site. Spruce it up a bit. Rather than be a YA book reviewing site, I'm turning it into a Smut reviewing site. Yup you got that right. Don't worry, I will still stand by the eclectic choice of books I used to use. I never try to disappoint fellow readers. I completely understand what it's like when a review says one thing, and the book turns out to be something chewed and shitted out by a five year old. Not cool.
Anyway, keep an  eye out and I can't wait to give you the new and improved!