Out of Office!!!!!!

As much as I love being in this imaginary world with you guys, I have to bid my goodbyes for the next 7 months. I will be out fighting for my country (USA). Yes, yes I joined the Army, and I damn proud of it. Please look out for me 7 months from now or I will possibly be starting a new blog. Thanks for following me and see you later!!!!

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Deirdra A. Eden said...

You have a fabulous blog! I’m an author and illustrator and I made some awards to give fellow bloggers whose sites I enjoy. I want to award you with one of my homemade awards: the Best Books Blog Award. There are no pass along requirements. This is just to reward you for all the hard work you do!

Go to http://astorybookworld.blogspot.com/p/awards.html and pick up your award.

Anonymous said...

God bless you and be with you.

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