Review: Love Story by Jennifer Echols

Expected publication: July 19 2011 by MTV Books
ISBN 1439178321
Can I first say how swoon worthy this story was? The entire time I read the story, I kept checking my pulse to make sure I was not going to have a heart attack or anything. For some great phenomenal reason, Echols just knows how to write a great story. She does not try to over dose us with non-substantial info we obviously don't give a crap about (*Hunger Games*), and she knows just how to keep a reader intrigued with out pushing the limits. 

After being disinherited from her grandmother's fortune, Erin took the initiative and went o NY to start her journey towards becoming a writer. She worked hard, tough jobs (almost getting arrested at one), only to follow her dream. That all changes when the guy who stole her inheritance comes strutting into her Creative Writing class and changes everything. The worst possible thing about his presence is the fact that she knows that she still has lingering feelings for Hunter. Without getting too much into detail, lets leave this at the fact that when it comes to old money, they will always try to get their way, even if it means hurting everyone in the process. 

The Attraction between Erin and Hunter is something that you can sense miles away if it was possible. Echols really banged the nail with these characters, giving them purpose and realism. This book will not only suck you in, but it will stay on your mind for days to come. 

Sexual Content- Kissing, sexual references, vague sexual encounters, insinuated sex scene.
= 4.5 stars

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Excellent review-- you gave a synopsis, your opinion and your enthusiasm for the characters, so that should tell other YA readers that this is a good pick! Rae, Best O' Books

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