True Blood: Guts, Blood, and... Eric!

Yes Folks! It is that time of the year again. So get ready to put all the kids to sleep early tonight because the premiere season of HBO's best show ever True Blood, will be on tonight. The wait has been long but I can tell you that it will be quite all right when we get to see Eric!

                                                                 *wipes drool*

I will leave you with the knowledge that some time this week, expect to see a recap Review of the first book in the Sookie Stackhouse series. Yup, we are going back to where it started! With the first book in the series, Dead until Dark.

Until then, we have a little over 3 hours to kill.
  Who is going to go watch last season's finale?

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Marisa said...

Great post! I'm following you from the book blogs ning site. I love love love the Sookie Stackhouse books and was so excited to see the season premiere of TB Season 4! I feel like re-reading all the SS novels again!

Athina said...

That is how I feel! Every time a new season comes out, I pop out the entire series and go into hiding for days till I finish. I am super excited for this season!

Nixie said...

Ooooo I haven't read the books, but I love the show! This season is gonna rock!

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